buildingLocated in Dallas, Texas, Kalogridis International sits on 6.5 acres of land. Our facility, which is in excess of 130,000 square feet, houses the complete carpet and Deconel® manufacturing process.




Our in-house dye opdye_houseeration involves the formulation of colors for each project. Color matching with unyielding accuracy is done by our specialized lab technicians. Our dyeing capacity ranges from a few pounds to over 2,000 pounds per color.




coningAfter the yarn has been dyed, it is spooled onto cones for tufting. Our multi-head twisting machines create beautiful blends of colorful tweeds or monochromatic effects.




tufting_canvasThe largest portion of the building is dedicated to the hand-tufting process of custom carpet production. The area is filled with speciallyengineered frames on which canvas’ are prepared for the artwork transferred. At this stage, our artisans begin to create their magic when tufting our carpets. On our specialized frames, all of our hand-tufting carpets are artistically created by specialized craftsmen.



Our machines are capable of making high quality solid color, multicolor, and textured carpets—both cut and loop.





At this stage, carvinga smooth velvety finish, textured shearing or multi-dimensional effects are created by hand carving and sculpting. The final result is a genuine Kalogridis work of art.

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